Sunday, 26 November 2017

GTA vice city game download for free(Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

GTA vice city game apk

GTA vice city game

GTA vice city game is the bet game to play. GTA vice city is a full HD graphis game and popular game for everyone

Download GTA vice city game app apk for android (mobiles/tablets)

Download GTA vice city game app for ios (iphone/ipad)

Grand Theft Auto Vice City game features

  • GTA vice city new uploaded levels
  • full HD graphics
  • new weapons
  • new cities to complete new tasks
  • Beautifully updated graphics, character models and lighting effects 
  • New, precisely tailored firing and targeting options 
  • Custom controls with a fully customizable layout 
  • Massive campaign with countless hours of game

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Team App Download for free

team apk

Team App

Team app is a simple and secure sports app. it's allows sports club, social groups or organisation create your own team app for free and manage from your smartphone.

Download Team App Apk for Android (mobiles/tablets)

Download Team App for ios (iphone/ipad)

Team App Features

  • you can send photos,videos,events,news to your team members with one click.
  • you can add your sports community (members,players,coaches,supporters)
  • you can upload photos,videos
  • share special moments like training sessions and match highlights.
  • players can enter profile details and sponsorship details (secure)
  • you can follow your teams and players for live scores and media updates.
  • subscribe your favorite team and get news letters and match reminders.
  • Multi language support
  • create surveys and get feedback from followers

Monday, 20 November 2017

OmeTV Chat App Download for free

ome tv chat apk

OmeTV Chat App

OmeTV Chat App meet new people chat on cam, enjoy your time with ometv chat.

OmeTV Chat App Apk for Android (mobiles/tablets)

OmeTV Chat App for ios (iphone/ipad)

OmeTV Chat App Features

  • install the OmeTV app and tap Start to join video chat with a random interlocutor
  • if your cam not connected you can use text chat
  • free use no membership no fees only free
  • 100's of users online chat with them and share views
  • safe and secure chat 
  • 24/7 admin support
  • best and good video on chat.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Talking Tom Cat Game Download for free

talking tom cat game

Talking Tom Cat Game

Talking Tom Cat by Talking Tom and Friends
Talking tom cat the worldwide talking phenomenon is a must-play. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Talking Tom Cat Game App Apk for Android (mobiles/tablets)

Talking Tom Cat Game App For ios (iphone/ipad)

Talking Tom Cat Game Features

Talking Tom Cat

  • repeat your words
  • laugh and fun
  • share by creating funny videos with tom cat
Tom cat Playing 

  • you can poke tom cat
  • you can use tom to fart 
  • you can do to tom sleep
Tom Hungry Stomach
  • you can give tom to different food
  • by gaining points you can feed to tom
  • and more fun

talking tom cat game apk

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Cloud Vpn Pro App Download for Free

Cloud VPN Pro App

Cloud vpn pro is a simple vpn for access unrestricted websites on colleges.schools,  and public areas.

Cloud VPN Pro App Features

  • free anonymous web access
  • open geo restricted location
  • ip replacer or changer
  • secure user informations over public wifi , hotspots and cafes.
  • by pass firewalls

Download Cloud VPN Pro App Apk for android (mobiles/tablets)

Download Cloud VPN Pro App for ios (iphone/ipad)

developers details

October 20, 2016
5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Current Version
Requires Android
4.1 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 3+
Learn more
In-app Products
₹ 98.41 - ₹ 260.00 per item

Glucose Buddy App Download for free

glucose buddy app

Glucose Buddy App

Ranked #1 Diabetes iPhone Application by Manny Hernandez, Founder of

American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Forecast Magazine, NYTimes, Wired Magazine,,,, Diabetes Health Magazine, JDRF Newsletters and MobiHealthNews

Glucose Buddy App Features

you can check Daily

- Carbs (Food) (how much food consume)
- Medication (Insulin Dosages)
- Activities
- A1C
- Blood Pressure
- Weight

GB- For remember your last check up (navigate about your check ups)

Great visualization with calendar day by day quick view and be able to add multiple items all at once. Glucose Buddy is simple, quick, effective and proven!

Glucose buddy apk Download

Download Glucose Buddy App Apk for Android (mobiles/Tablets)

Download Glucose Buddy App for ios (iphone/ipad)

Friday, 10 November 2017

Anime TV app download for free

anime tv apk
anime tv app

Anime TV app

Anime TV - animania kissanime is back. Watch your favorite anime using Anime TV.
for latest anime movies tv shows and more....

anime tv app download
anime tv app download

Anime Tv App Features

  • High Quality: videos for watching Yes / Maybe
  • Category filter: No (all tpes of animes)
  • English Sub/Subtitle: Yes (reginal languages)
  • English Dub/Dubbed: Yes (dubbing in to all languages)
  • Poruguese Subtitle/Legenda/Dublado: Yes 
  • Simple Design: Yes (for eas navigation)
  • Fast Loading: Yes (HD,Rip all tpes)
  • Download: Yes (free and premium downloads)
  • Stream/Streaming: Yes (HD streaming)

Download Anime TV app apk for Android (mobiles/tablets)

Download Anime TV app for ios (iphone/ipad)

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Bible app Download for free

Bible app Download

Bible App

Bible is ver popular more then 180 million people around the world, daily reading , listening and watching bible. this bible app is free and available in 1,000 versions and different languages.

Bible App Features

  • Experience the Bible App in any of 40+ languages
  • Switch 1,400+ Bible versions, 1,000+ languages
  • Popular version, King James Version, KJV, New International Version NIV, New King James Version and more
  • holy bible app is available for free and you can read,listen and watch bible.

Download Bible App Apk for android (mobiles/tablets)

Download Holy bible app apk

Download Bible app for ios (iphone/ipad)

Thursday, 19 October 2017

VK app Download for free

VK app

Vk app is similar type of facebook app by you can connect with our friends and share your thoughts.
VK unites millions of people through the messaging and sharing of news from anywhere around the globe.

VK app features

  • You can send messages 
  • share stories and photos 
  • watch videos and live streams 
  • listen to music, play games
  • join communities and discover a whole new world of talented artists.

Download VK app apk for android (mobiles/tablets)

Download VK app for ios (iphone/ipad) App Download free App download App App is a simple app for camera alerts and system alerts and it is very usefulfor mobile speedcam alerts real time and be warned against all fixed speed cameras worldwide. App Features

  • Landscape mode by you can simply turn your smartphone 90°
  • Even faster updates in case of software bugs and other errors
  • unique feature like Support for Widget and Multi-Windows
  • New features will always be available in the PLUS version first

Download App apk for android (mobiles/tablets)

Download App for ios (iphone/ipad)

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Yandex browser app download free

yandex browser apk

Yandex Browser with Protect App

Yandex Browser is a new stylish with secure and voice search, data compression app.
yandex browser is a simple and best browser for protect personal data and get rid of annoying ads.

Yandex Browser with Protect app features

  • View stories, news, and videos
  • Reduce your data usage
  • Get rid of annoying ads
  • Protect your personal data
  • Hide unrelated interface elements

Download Yandex Browser with Protect app apk for android (mobiles/tablets)

Download Yandex Browser with Protect app for ios (iphone/ipad)

Monday, 16 October 2017

Stash: Invest, Learn, & Save

Stash: Invest, Learn, & Save App

Stash App is a simple and secure Invest, Learn, Save app. in simple way invest (5 $ example) and make profits by learning.

Stash: Invest, Learn, & Save App Features

  • safe and secure : protecting users identity and personal data
  • think big start small : invest small like 5 $ and make large
  • financial education : Stash financial advisers provide tips like simple savings and investiments.\
  • build your investment portfolio : Choose from over 30 investment themes managed by experts like Vanguard, State Street and BlackRock.
  • Auto Stash : Automatic Investiments --> schedule and Auto-Stash will deposit cash into your account or invest it directly into pre-selected investment funds in your portfolio.
  • Transparent pricing : Stash is free for the first month. After that, we charge you a $1 monthly fee. We don’t charge for deposits or withdrawals, commissions or trading fees. When your account reaches $5,000, we charge a flat fee of 0.25% per year (that’s only $12.50 a year for an account with $5,000).

Download Stash: Invest, Learn, & Save App apk for android (mobiles/tablets)

Download Stash: Invest, Learn, & Save App for ios (iphone/ipad)

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McDonald's App Download Free

McDonald's App 

McDonald's App is a new food app for order Delicious food. McDonald’s deals are now more fun, more accessible, and better than ever. You can find nearby McDonald’s restaurants and even explore our delicious menu. Mobile Ordering will also be available in select markets. Download and register today.

McDonald's App Features

  • easy navigation as per category wise
  • chap and best prices
  • good quality food
  • order and receive easily
  • Easier ways to connect to in restaurant WiFi
  • mobile order available on selected markets
  • find near McDonald's shop by app 

Download McDonald's App apk for android (mobiles/tablets)

Download McDonald's App for ios (iphone/ipad)

Saturday, 14 October 2017

소리바다 - Soribada App Download

소리바다 - Soribada App

소리바다 - Soribada App is a new latest and popular app. by using 소리바다 - Soribada App you can set your music as per your mood by use tag "theme song". you can recommend music to others tag "for you".

소리바다 - Soribada App features

  • 소리바다 - Soribada App updates every 10 minutes
  • search more then 360,000 free musics
  • "for you" menu select favorite music track
  • "wave" button for find 20 similar music tracks
  • user can create "own playlist"
  • user can share music tracks via social media.

Download 소리바다 - Soribada App apk for android (mobiles/tablets)

Download 소리바다 - Soribada App for ios (iphone/ipad)

BIGO LIVE - Live Stream App Download free

BIGO LIVE - Live Stream App

Bigo Live app is a new trend for live/vlog video calls. BIGO is the most popular mobile live stream APP where you can start your live stream and enjoy the show of talented performers.

BIGO LIVE - Live Stream App Features

  • Explore Star Broadcasters
  • Get Numerous Fans
  • Live Stream Anytime
  • Vlogging Your Life
  • Gain Virtual Gifts
  • Guest Live
  • Exchange Beans to Rewards

Download BIGO LIVE - Live Stream App Apk for android (mobiles/tablets)

Download BIGO LIVE - Live Stream App for ios (iphone/ipad)

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